DUI / Drugs 2017


Data is current through the last full month, plus a 30-day data-entry lag. For example, April data is available beginning June 1. For this reason, the current year may not contain a full 12 months of data, and the counts should not be compared to previous years.

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Driving or operating a motor vehicle or common carrier while mentally or physically impaired as the result of consuming an alcoholic beverage or using a drug or narcotic.

Cases: 21,703

Arrestee Age


Arrests by Month


Drug Narcotics Violations

The unlawful cultivation, manufacture, distribution, sale, purchase, use, possession, transportation, or importation of any controlled drug or narcotic substance.

Cases: 21,153

Clearance: 89%

Criminal Activity Type

Drug Narcotics Violations

Drug Seizures by Drug Type

Arrestee Age

Drug/Narcotics Violations

Drug Narcotics Equipment Violations

The unlawful manufacture, sale, purchase, possession, or transportation of equipment or devices utilized in preparing and/or using drugs or narcotics.

Cases: 12,648

Clearance: 93%