Motor Vehicle Theft 2020

Denver Police Department

A motor vehicle is a self-propelled vehicle that runs on the surface of land and not on rails. Examples of motor vehicles include sport utility vehicles, automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motor scooters, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles.

Data is current through the last full month, plus a 30-day data-entry lag. For example, April data is available beginning June 1. For this reason, the current year may not contain a full 12 months of data, and the counts should not be compared to previous years.

Colorado Crime Statistics FAQs

Vehicles Stolen/Recovered


Value of Stolen/Recovered Motor Vehicles


Attempted MVT


Thefts from a Motor Vehicle


Secondary Offenses

Secondary Offenses are offenses that occur in the same incident as the motor vehicle theft.

Motor Vehicle Theft and Secondary Offenses

Total number of MVT incidents: 8,712, MVT incidents with associated offenses: 671

Top 5 MVT-Related Offenses

These offenses are the top 5 additional offenses related to MVT

MVT and Violent Crime

Violent Crime consists of murder, non-consensual sex offenses and aggravated assault. Victims are always individuals.

MVT and Other Crimes Against Person

MVT and Other Property Crimes

Crimes Against Property, e.g., Robbery, Bribery, and Burglary, is to obtain money, property, or some other benefit.

Narcotics Type Charge Associated to MVT

MVT and Society Crimes

Crimes Against Society, e.g., Animal Cruelty, Drug Violations, Gambling, and Prostitution, represent society’s prohibition against engaging in certain types of activity.

MVT by Time of Day

MVT by Day of Week

Offenders Age Group

Motor Vehicle Theft related to gangs

No data reported

Non-MVT with stolen Vehicles

This report shows the incidents where the offense is not a Motor Vehicle Theft but where a vehicle has been stolen. The most common examples are carjacking (robbery) and where a vehicle is stolen as part of a burglary.